Experienced professional male and female voice artists all ages and all styles available.

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Audio designed to lift any TV commercial. Voiceover. Music. Sound Effects.The Mix.

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Professional voiceovers on a Corporate Video deliver production values in excess of budget.

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Professional voiceovers will improve the impact and ease of listening with any e-learning project.

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Achieving impact, staying on message with economy in words. Copywriting takes time.

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Voiceovers in English from scripts in other languages and translations of English scripts to other language voiceovers.

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Don't get into a lather over writing the script! Tap into the Copywriting experts we have standing by to help write your scripts. All you need do is tell us the main points you want to get across and we'll do the rest. Our writers will create a draft based on your brief and send it back for you to amend or approve. When the script is approved we will then proceed to recording. Call on us to do your writing. Save time, save stress and have your script finished in record time.


If you have an English script you need translated to another language we do that. If you require an English version of a foreign language script, we do that too. We also have professional male and female voice over artists to record your script in English or the foreign language(s) of your choice.


We are proud to own and operate a state of the art recording studio complex located on the Queensland Gold Coast. We are just 40 minutes south of Brisbane and 20 minutes north of Coolangatta international airport. We have 6 production suites for mixing/mastering and an isolation booth to record voice overs. Our low rates include a studio engineer along with access to our sound effects and royalty free music libraries. If you prefer to save time and travel costs you can direct the voice session over the phone or instruct our studio Producer to do the job in your absence.


If your telephone system needs an external player to run Messages On Hold we supply and recommend the MOH 1200. This compact solid state player runs stored messages off a standard USB stick. Updates to messages are fast and easy and can be done online. Your telephone technician can quickly install the MOH 1200 which comes with a power supply, audio cable, operating instructions and 3-year warranty To run Instore Music at your place, we supply the remarkable SC2000