Using professional voiceover talent will lift the production values of your eLearning projects

The sophistication of today's mobile devices means you can create spectacular visuals for your eLearning projects at very low cost. However the big letdown happens when it comes to the audio. In particular the voice over.

The use of professional voice over talent will add a new level of impact and memorability to your eLearning project.

You might be surprised to discover how little it will cost to have some of Australia's finest voice over pros reading your script!

We are a part of Media Group,Australia's business audio specialists, to you that means getting online access to experienced professional voice talent available to record your e-Learning project. And all at the click of a mouse.

These male and female voice-over artists are accomplished actors who have a background performing in television, on radio and stage as well as in recording studios creating commercial messages, documentaries and advertisements.

Start looking for the right voice for your project right now. We've put together a wide selection of sample recordings of our male and female voice artists so you can begin your auditions online.

To listen to samples of our voice talent, click here.

As you listen to the sample reads, keep in mind that these professional voice artists are experienced actors. They can adapt the way they read a script according to the direction you give them.

When you find a voice talent you believe will be able to read your script in the manner you require, you will need to check they are available and at what price.

To receive an online quote, in the strictest confidence, free of charge simply send (email) a copy of your script. We will reply with your FREE QUOTE. Click here.

Assuming our Free Quote meets your budget constraints, you can then request that we provide a FREE DEMO.

The Free Demo we provide will be a recording of your preferred talent reading a short extract from your script. That way you can be really sure you have chosen the right voice for the job.

We will arrange the recording and send you a link so you can go online and listen to the Free Demo.

To request a FREE DEMO click here.

Listen to the FREE DEMO over and over as much as you like. If everything sounds right, and you have the final approved script we will go ahead and schedule the final recording.

For the final recording you may choose to be present in person to direct the voice over session or brief our studio Producer to direct the session on your behalf.

If you can't be at the studio in person, but still want to direct the session yourself, we can arrange a 3-way telephone hook-up between you, the voice talent and our studio engineer.

It's almost as good as being in the control room. You save time and travel costs but you will forego our delicious in-house espresso!

The recording will be arranged through our recording studios located at Nerang on the Queensland Gold Coast.

After the voice is recorded we will send you a link to download the file in the format you require.

You can choose to receive all the takes done in the session or only the best takes. Then you can go ahead and compile the finished voice track.

If you prefer, we will compile the voice track and go ahead to provide the finished audio track including music and effects according to your instructions.

We will then send a link for you to download the finished audio track.

The choice is yours. We'll work the way you decide is best for to meet the budget and the deadline.

Begin by listening to the voice samples online. Choose the talent you think will suit the project. Then request your Free online Quote. To be really certain you have made the right choice of voice talent, ask to record a FREE DEMO. We will arrange to have your preferred voice talent record a short extract of your script.

To get started now use the "Let's Chat" button. Or call the telephone number at the bottom of this page.