Now available. Professional male and female voice artists experienced in all styles.

When it comes to choosing the voice or voices for your radio campaign you can't afford to make an error. Get it right and the client will pay for lunch. Muck it up, and you could be dining on tough cheese!

In the so called "good old days" things were not so good when it came time to find a voice.

Today we've made choosing the right voice for any radio spot a real "snap". Actually it's more like a click! We've put the whole process online. So click away.

Now you can audition voice samples, arrange quotes,and request a demo on your PC, Laptop, smart phone or mobile device.

Start browsing the sample recordings from our catalogue of professional male and female voice over artists.

To cue the voice auditions click here!

As soon as you think you have found the right voice (or voices) for the job, ask us to work out a quote free of charge.

To getyour online FREE QUOTE for your preferred voice talent, click here.

The number and variety of professional voice artists on our books is mind boggling. We have male and female voice talent of all ages from kids and teens to adults and seniors.

What kind of voice is your radio campaign screaming out for? Is it a comedic role or somewhatseriously sinister. Is it hard sell? Soft sell? Or somewhere near the centre. It matters little, because you can be confident we do have the voice for you.

When you've made a choice of voice, arranged a FREE QUOTE and you still have a little nagging doubt about the choice, we will go one step further to ease your mind.

Provided the script or number of scripts will exceed 60 seconds in length, we are prepared to offer you a FREE DEMO.

Don't be left wondering. Wewill make arrangements for the voice talent you have chosen to record a demonstration read of your script.

To have the voice talent record a Free Demo you first need to send the script to us. We will then have your selected voice talent record an extract from the script.

When the FREE DEMO is finished we will send you a link to go online and hear the recording. Listen toit as often as you like. We want you to be sure the voice talent is right or the job.

How can we make this generous offer of a FREE DEMO? It's a matter of our professionalism.

As we are part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the audio specialists,we know the importance of having the right voice for every radio spot.

It's our job is to help you succeed.