Phone Messages

Some telephone systems require an external unit to replay Messages On Hold.

Despite the increased prevalence of VOIP telephone systems which have facilities to store and replay messages, many systems need an external unit to replay Messages On Hold to waiting callers.

We supply and strongly recommend the external player called the MOH 1200. In addition to its popularity with users it is one of the most reliable on the market.

The MOH 1200 is a solid state player that is compact, simple to operate and comes with a full 3- year warranty.

Because the MOH 1200 uses a standard USB memory stick or "thumb drive" to store messages, any time you have to update or change messages it's a simple 3-step process.

First; transfer the USB thumb drive to your PC or lap top. Second; use the link we will send you to go online and download the new messages. Third; put the USB thumb drive back in the MOH 1200 and switch on the power. The revised batch of Messages On Hold will now play.

We supply the MOH 1200 with operating instructions, power supply and an audio cable. Your telephone technician can easily connect the MOH 1200 to run with your telephone system.

The MOH 1200 is equipped with its own inbuilt speaker so you can check that the messages are playing correctly. There is an externalvolume control to adjust the replay level callers hear over the telephone.

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