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Phone Messages

A quality Messages On Hold program will impress customers and help reduce caller hang-ups in busy times.

Often the very first contact a person has with a company happens when they ring on the telephone. So when the phone lines are busy you need to be sure you have a Messages On Hold program that will create a "favourable impression". We all know first impressions are important.

Your image is "one the line". And the negative impact of an amateurish On Hold Message can send the wrong signal to a customer.

No doubt you have been on the receiving end a few badly worded, poorly voiced and crackly phone messages.

As part of Media Group, the business audio specialists our On Hold Messages are expertly written, professionally voiced and produced in quality recording studios. That sort of quality puts you well ahead of the competition.

Callers are presented with an image of your company that says "quality is important to us." Whether the caller is an existing client or potentially a new customer, they'll have a good feeling about doing business with you.

Keep in mind there is one thing that is far worse presenting a caller a with poorly written badly spoken program of Messages On Hold. It's called the silent treatment!

That's what callers get with phones that switch to silence when On Hold is selected. The bewildered caller thinks he's been cast aside and never knows if the call has been disconnected.

Equally as unfriendly are phone systems that have built-in On Hold "Muzac" or those ghastly chimes.

Some telephones have an input to connect a music player or a radio! Just remember the moment you do that you become liable to pay fees to authorised collection agencies like APRA and PPCM.

With a quality Messages On Hold program you will reduce the number callers who might hang-up and ring your competitors.

You need a program that will keep them entertained and interested with short messages.

Your Messages On Hold program will give you the opportunity to inform callers about your products and services as well as any special offers. In between the messages they'll hear some entertaining music.

Your company's program of Messages On Hold demonstrates your interest in providing better customers service.

You can even convey a Christmas greeting and advise any change of opening hours during holiday periods.

Messages On Hold reinforce your company's professionalism. They go a step further in promoting confidence in your products and services.

At Media Group, the business audio specialists, we know your Messages On Hold need to remain relevant and up to date. So when changes need to be made, they have to be done quickly and with a minimum of fuss .

When you have to update your Messages On Hold, whether it's a single message or a few at the same time, we have a system that lets you do everything online. Just follow the prompts at

When you have a Messages On Hold program that's been professionally written, voiced and produced you'll be making the most of your company's telephones.

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