In Store Music

Develop a unique shopping mood at your place using music that remains free of annual payments to APRA and PPCA.

Behind the ongoing success of In Store Music sits our incredible library of Royalty Free Music.

As a part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we know how to harness the power of this ever growing source of music.

Our libraries of Royalty Free Music contain tracks from every imaginable music style. From the classics to rock, blues, funk and soul. From Country & Western to Jazz. There's music here to please all tastes

Every In store Music program is built using tracks from our Royalty Free Music libraries.

But what exactly is "Royalty Free Music"? This is recorded music that businesses are able to use without incurring the liability to pay compulsory fees levied by the Australian collection agencies APRA and PPCA.

Royalty Free Music remains exempt because the composers, musicians, producers and publishers have been compensated for their input in the creation and distribution of these tracks.So don't worry! No one is missing-out on their "bit".

In order to hear some tracks from our libraries of Royalty Free Music, click here.