In Store Music

In Store Music Digital Equipment. Reliable, cost effective, easy to use.

When you have In Store Music running at your place you only requirea very reliable, very compact, solid state player unit.

Its the same unit we will send when you take up our offer of a 30 Day FREE TRIAL.

When you order the 30 Day Free Trial we will write and produce the trial program and load it onto the memory in the player then ship it to you.

You simply connect the unit to an amplifier and speaker system and let it rip!

After the 30 Day FREE TRIAL offer finishes and you decide to take up a subscription to In Store Music you simply keep the unit. We will start working on your first full length program and ship it to you ASAP.

Otherwise at the end of the 30 Day Free Trial if you decide not to take up a subscription you will need to return the unit.

This In store Hard ware is just that...hard waring. This little player will producehigh quality sound and run trouble free for years.

The unit is very simple to use, easy to set up and aside from an occasional dusting requires little maintenance if any