In Store Music

In Store Music puts you in charge of all the music and announcements your customers hear while they shop at your place.

When a customer enters your place of business they step into a world where you control what they hear throughout the shop.

In Store Music puts you in control of the music and the announcements playing in your shop. That means your customers are not going to hear a DJ spin up a few tracks with "language warnings".

There won't be any bad news broadcasts from the local radio station ruining the vibe! Best of all your customers won't hear advertising from other businesses especially from competitors

You own the call the shots. You decide what music is played and what advertising and promotional messages are heard.

Our music libraries are vast. However, working with our music experts, who have an in-depth knowledge of the music in our libraries, we will help you compile the playlists for your shop.

It's your decision what music tracks will be played in the In Store Music program.

You'll also decide what messages will feature and at what frequency they will appear throughout the program.

Royalty Free Music goes a long way in helping to control costs too. You don't have buy downloads or CDs and you don't have to pay annual fees to APRA or PPCA.

You are also in charge of what information goes into the messages playing on your In Store Music program.

Tell us what you want to say and our skilled copywriters will write the scripts. You then have to approve the scripts before we do any recording.

All the messages will be recorded at Media Group studios using professional male and female voice artists and directed by our experienced studio Producers.

As part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we have standards to maintain in regard to the quality of the recordings we produce.

We supply sound tracks and radio advertising to broadcasters and business houses all across Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

In Store Music provides total control of the music and the messages at your place.

The music you play is Royalty Free. Your customers will not hear any competitors' messages. There will be no political propaganda, no government ads and no offensive rubbish.

In addition to the music tracks you have selected customers at your place will hear only the messages you have chosen.

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