In Store Music

In Store Music program announcements tell shoppers what is happening at your place without exposing them to competitors' messages.

An In Store Music program puts you in complete control of everything your customers hear while they shop at your store.

The only music playing are the tracks you have selected from our library of Royalty Free Music. The music will be interwoven with your informative messages

It's a bit like you being the owner of the radio station... and it's the only radio station in town. You are in control. You are the head of programming and chief censor.

Your customers won't be blasted with any negativity. No "colourful language" No risque lyrics or profanities.They won't have to put up with any of Donald's fake news or hear advertising from your competitors.

The only announcements and promotional messages playing on your In Store Music program will feature the information you want your customers to hear.

You might decide to put in an announcement to reinforce your current advertising campaign or help promote a seasonal sale.

You could invent a joint promotion with a regular supplier and run a short announcement to support that activity.

You might be planning to introduce your customers to anew product range. Tell them. Remember you control all the messages in your In Store Music program.

All your announcements will sound fully professional. Our Copywriters will create the messages according to your instructions.They will be voiced by experienced male and female voiceover artists and produced at our modern recording studios under the direction of our skilled Producers and Engineers.

The In store Music program will help make your place a more enjoyable place to shop because it will entertain customers, motivate them and inform them about your current store activities.

By working with our seasoned experts you will be in control of deciding the optimum number of replays and the time of day each announcement will appear within the In Store Music program.

Along with controlling the nature and frequency of the announcements you will also direct the selection of music

Our Royalty Free Music libraries are extensive and contain music of all types.

Working with you, we will create the playlists for the In Store Music program choosing tracks that match the style of music preferred by your customers.

We are a part of Media Group, the business audio specialists. We understand how the In Store Music announcements and the selection of music tracks combine to help create a unique ambience for your store.

It is in our interest to make sure you get the most out of In Store Music. We know the benefits will be seen in your customer satisfaction levels and in your bottom line.

We believe when you begin sharing your positive results with others in the industry we will have created a winning situation for all concerned.

Set back a while now and take a minute to listen to some samples of announcements we have made for various In Store Music programs. Click here.